A Brief History of the Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair

The Wyoming Natural Gas Fair was started by Donald Basko in 1996 after he retired as supervisor

of the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission. Don saw a need for more pipeline takeaway capacity

from Wyoming and started the fair with that goal in mind.

The first event was held in September 1997 in Jackson, Wyoming and for the next seventeen years

was an annual event in Jackson. Attendance at the first fair drew 120 registered folks and 14

exhibitors. The peak year was 2007 when slightly over 1,000 were registered. For the last ten years

there have been 120 exhibitors and a number of others on a waiting list. The fair headquarters was

at the Snow King Resort Hotel and utilized the nearby ice arena for exhibits.

Throughout the years gas production increased significantly and so did takeaway capacity.

Numerous pipe lines were built including the looping of Kern River to California, Ruby pipeline to

the west coast, and Express as far as Pennsylvania to the east, along with a number of other shorter

lines tying into transcontinental pipes. At one time Wyoming did not have sufficient takeaway

capacity for the available production. Now the reverse is true. Wyoming has more capacity to move

gas than is currently available.

Needless to say the Wyoming Natural Gas Fair played a role in companies going ahead with these

projects. The discovery of the Jonah and Pinedale gas fields also led to the construction of this

additional capacity. After 18 years in Jackson, it was apparent to the fair staff that a move to Casper

was, what the majority of companies interviewed, thought necessary. Therefore, the 2015 Fair for

the first time will be held in Casper, Wyoming at the Events Center. The format will essentially be

the same with exhibits, presentations, and a reception.

Throughout the years David and Kathy Hutton have been invaluable in helping to put this event

together. Starting in 2014 the leadership of the conference changed from Don Basko to Dave Hutton.

Along the way the Wyoming Natural Gas Fair became legally known as The Wyoming Natural Gas

Fair Association and is registered with the Secretary of State's office. In addition the programs now

include oil and rail movement of oil, as well as other topics not necessarily associated with gas.

The fair has been fortunate in attracting company presidents as speakers as well as cooperate officers

along with a variety of dignitaries none the least of which was Vice-President of the United States,

Dick Cheney.

In the past, presentations started on Thursday morning and run through noon on Friday. The

governor has always opened the conference and is of the opinion that it should be an annual event.

Long time helpers in putting the fair together were (and still are): Monty and Sue Carr, Larry and

Karla Waters, Ed and Debbie Bagner. The current officers are: Monty Carr, Tom Doll, David

Hutton, Kathy Hutton. Our legal advisor is Tom Reese and our auditor is Scott Buckingham.

Currently the Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair has been joined by the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute.

The EORI brings a new prespective to the Fair